Mysterious Meeting

Butterfly and the Poison-pen Letter Writer 2

Shanghai, 1932. Today you will do a test to join the Arcade Detective Agency. One of our main targets is called Du Yuesheng. This guy is the leader of the Green Gang, a secret society responsible for numerous traffics and crimes in Shanghai, especially in the French Concession.

We know that Du Yuesheng is preparing to meet a mysterious person. Your goal: find who this person is, where the meeting will be held, what the purpose of the meeting is. The first team to provide this information to our agent will join our services. Good luck!

Location: FFC
Inclusions: Tour Leader(s) at start and end and on WeChat during the
game, starting kit, gifts, drinks (optional)
Duration: 3-4 hours
Maximum pax: 10 people per group, 10 groups
Languages: English, Chinese, French