Who killed Mr. Rou ?

Butterfly and the Poison-pen Letter Writer 2

Shanghai, 1932. Today you will do a test to join the Arcade Detective Agency. You will have to investigate on the death of Mr. Rou, a famous Chinese writer and a Communist Party member. On 17 January 1931, while attending a secret Communist Party meeting in the Shanghai International Settlement, Mr. Rou disappeared with 35 other attendees. One month later, Mr. Rou’s dead body was found. Your goal: find who killed him, where and with which weapon. The first team to provide this information to our agent will join our services. Good luck!

Location: Hongkou
Inclusions: Tour Leader(s) at start and end and on WeChat during the
game, starting kit, gifts, drinks (optional)
Duration: 3-4 hours
Maximum pax: 10 people per group, 10 groups
Languages: English, Chinese, French