The Last Dinner

The Last Dinner | Arcade

Shanghai, 1932. Georges-Marie Haardt, a French businessman visiting Shanghai, is invited to a diner organized by French and Chinese leaders. What Haardt doesn’t know is that food is poisoned! If he attends the diner he will be badly poisoned and die a few days after. You must find Haardt and prevent him from going to the restaurant.

Follow our Detective from People’s Square to the Bund to convince Haardt not to go to the diner. You will have to find evidence all along the way to discover who will poison the meal. What was the poison used? Who is this mysterious lady spying Haardt? Here are some of the questions you will have to answer…

Inclusions: 1 Detective Tour Leader, 2 Actors, Drinks and Snacks (optional)
Duration: 2.5 to 3 hours
Ages: 6-12 years old
Maximum pax: 15 per group, 2 groups
Languages: French, English